Get the Point! Pony's Quality Needles
Where there is yarn, there are needles, crochet hooks & notions!

Variety and Quality by Pony

Besides yarns and buttons, we stock nearly 200 different sizes and styles of knitting needles and notions. Be sure to check out our "Pony Total System" with a built-in row counter, stitch holder, and point protector.

Pony Pearls
-Crochet Hooks

Pony Rosewood
-Crochet Hooks

Pony Straight Knitting Needles
-Anodized Aluminum
-Children's Needles

Pony Total
-Total Knitting System

Pony Crochet
-Circular Crochet Hooks
-Double-ended Tunisian Hooks

Pony Notions


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